Health and Fitness during Pregnancy

Pregnancy means conception of a child by a female in simple terms. This tenure extends from seven to nine months and this tenure is called as prenatal time. According to a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) there are almost around 4 million American women who go through this prenatal tenure every year. It is said that almost one third of the total suffers from some complications.

Now the woman who does not get proper prenatal care is exposed to some serious consequences in future means during neonatal or postnatal stages. It is not to alarm you and yet it is to alarm you too so that you get into the prenatal care as early as possible. The earlier you start taking care of yourself in the pregnancy the better would it be for you and your baby.

The moment you come to know that you have conceived the foremost thing should be to see your doctor for a complete checkup so that your doctor can put you through some tests in order to rule out any disorder because even a minor physiological disorder may get into a major problem as you become much sensitive during this prenatal stage. The sensitivity here means that during pregnancy you cannot take the medicines the way you can take them when you are not pregnant.

Prenancy DietDuring the prenatal phase whatever you eat, drink and act has a direct impact on your baby because your baby is connected to you in a way that it gets fed by what your intake is. So the most important rather vital thing in the prenatal phase is to stay healthy and fit as this in turn will give birth to a normal healthy baby.

In case you are already suffering from some chronic disorder and taking medicine for that, the doctor must be consulted about the effects of your disorder on your pregnancy. It may deem appropriate to alter or to stop the medicine at least for first 12 weeks in order to reduce the risk to the fetus.

The important steps to stay healthy during pregnancy are to take care of your fitness, must consult the doctor about what to eat and what not to eat, should you drink or smoke, what all physical activities can you involve in, the exercises you do during pregnancy , and how to keep regular in the routine affairs. Diet remains to be the most important factor, because that has an equal effect on you and your baby. As a supplement you must start taking vitamins and folic acid or the diet you select should be vitamin rich to care for any kind of deficiency.

Ensuring health and fitness during pregnancy remains to be your own responsibility and the advisable is to be proper and regular in diet, should make it a routine to carry out some mild workout and avoid doing or taking anything which is potentially dangerous for you and your baby.